The benefits of audit

More than just an exercise in compliance


At Brewers, we specialise in providing independent examination and audit services tailored for not-for-profit organisations, charities and churches. As a registered auditor, we understand the unique needs and challenges of organisations like yours.


However, while we understand that carrying out an audit may be necessary to ensure compliance with your legal and governance obligations, we see it as so much more than that. The audit process presents an opportunity to gain an overview of how your organisation is functioning and the potential to make improvements that can add tangible benefits. Benefits such as:

  • Identifying areas where accounting systems efficiencies could be made. 
  • Identifying areas where reporting system improvements could be made. 
  • Bringing a more modern approach to accounts presentation, allowing the promotion of your activities and objectives. 
  • An opportunity for an auditor with related experience to pass on knowledge of best practice. 
  • Gaining a better understanding of the challenges associated with meeting your stated objectives. 
  • An opportunity to review and optimise the tax status of any trading operations. 
  • An opportunity to review and improve the efficiency of operations.


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Independent examination and audit: What’s the difference?

Use our checklists to find out whether you need an independent examination (IE) or audit for your not-for-profit.

Already know that you require an IE or audit for your not-for-profit? Find out here why you should choose Brewers.

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 Kind words about jobs done well

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“A big thank you again this year to Brewers for all your hard work on our audit and accounts.

Your service is professional, proactive and friendly and I regard our annual audit as an opportunity for the charity to improve itself and never a chore: it is a pleasure to work with you.”

Director, Horse Rangers Association

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